Skin Solution

If you’re like me, you are always on the hunt for the latest treatment to improve your skin.  Although there are many wonderful skincare products on the market now, some with great results, they will only do so much.  When your skin concerns are just not going away as much as you would like them to, there comes a time when you simply need to turn to your local skin rejuvenation clinic.

I personally had been struggling with sudden rosacea, along with some pigmentation and texture issues.  I have no clue what brought on the rosacea but I did know that I wanted to get it under control.  I looked around at several skin care clinics and ended up going to the False Creek Skin Solution Clinic ( 

 I first went in for a consultation with Natasa Glogovac (who is the owner) and was immediately reassured that my skin condition could be treated.  I liked that she took the time to go over all my questions and offered me a customized treatment plan.  Her recommendation for me was the Genesis Laser and Hydrafacial combo.  I purchased a package of 4 sessions, one month apart.  After my first treatment, I saw a huge improvement.  Not only had the redness gone down but the effects of the treatment were noticeable for the weeks following.  My skin texture improved, and I also had anti-ageing rejuvenating effects.  I have completed the 4 treatments and am thrilled with the results.  This clinic offers a wide range of skin treatments as well reasonable prices with payment plan options.  I would definitely recommend this treatment for anyone wanting to see a difference in skin tone, redness, texture, fine lines/wrinkles and radiance. 

The world of lasers has advanced so much over the years with so many different options available.  I swear by their results and I love my new skin guru!